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November 01, 2005

Life After Wilma

As some of you know, Hurricane Wilma turned out to be worse than expected. Actually, I was one of the more fortunate ones.

I spent several relatively pleasant days in cool Toronto, completely missing sitting out the storm. Due to my not not calling WestJet the morning of my scheduled flight, my significant other and I spent an extra night at one of the hotels near Lester Pearson Airport. We are both glad that it was one night, because the hotel was not very good. Lester Pearson Airport is also a design nightmare, that has yet to get wireless internet, or better restaurants.

I returned last Thursday. There was no damage to my building due to hurricane shutters being installed on most of the windows. Electricity returned on Wednesday night. My biggest problem now is that I don't have cable or internet. I am using a computer at the Miami Beach Public Library. Time is limited, so I am unable to do my normal blogs.

I have been viewing films and writing rough drafts that will be posted when I have my own internet service and the time and ability to do research. Please bear with me during this time.

As it is, my part of Miami Beach is the best place to be as it came back to close to normal the fastest. I just wish Atlantic Broadband was moving a bit quicker.

Stay tuned.

Posted by peter at November 1, 2005 03:25 PM