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February 19, 2007

Critical Women - Some Recent Links


Sylvia Chang - Writer, Director, Movie Star.

One of my favorite contributors to Cinematical is Kim Voynar. We've commented at each others sites. It was with interest that I read her post on Women filmmakers. This was a topic of discussion some time ago at Girish's blog. I forwarded this link concerning Asian Woman filmmakers as something of interest to Kim and members of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists. My other reason for sending the link was to make the discussion of women filmmakers more globally inclusive.

At the Alliance's website, with a link added at the right, is an interview by Jennifer Merin with Daniele Thompson. La Buche is the perfect antidote to those treacly Christmas movies that come out like clockwork every winter. Two names popped out for me in the alliance membership list. Maitland McDonagh wrote Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento, a terrific book on one of my favorite directors. The other member listed is Lisa Kennedy, currently the lead film critic for The Denver Post, and someone with whom I have exchanged some lively emails back when I lived in Denver.

A critic I wish I knew about earlier is Emilie Bickerton. Click on Girish's blog to read about her New Left Review essay on Cahiers du Cinema. For thirty-two pounds, you can read Bickerton's complete essay.

While it's not a shoot out, by coincidence there are two postings that take opposing views concerning Sergio Leone and his epic, Once Upon a Time . . . in the West. Click on the link to The Self-Styled Siren where Campaspe's states: "It is overlong, badly acted, misogynistic and dull. Dear god is it dull." Over at Screenhead, Eion thinks the Academy overlooked Leone - " I think Once Upon a Time in the West is his best, for its characterisation, especially its strong female lead, and for being genuinely thrilling."

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