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February 23, 2007

The Road to Oscar and other Links


The still above is from The Oscar. If you haven't seen it yet, the film is available on tape. Hilariously bad, we are to believe that if Stephen Boyd does not win a little gold man, his acting career will evaporate. Checking into the official Oscar website, the truth is, that while we may have forgotten that Alexander Knox, Dan Dailey, or Dan O'Herlihy were ever nominated, not winning Best Actor never slowed down them down. Boyd stars with Elke Sommer, but the best reason to see The Oscar is to read the credits for the immortal words: "Introducing Tony Bennett as Hymie Kelly".

This is my roundabout way of pointing out that Neil at Bleeding Tree is hosting a "Trashy Movie Celebration Blog-a-thon" beginning April 5. This should make for fun reading, even for those who have yet to see one of the Guinea Pig movies from Japan. And speaking of Blood Sucking Freaks . . .

While the nominees are making sure their tuxes and dresses (or both) are ready for Sunday night, there are lively discussions about Oscar when you hit the links to the right. Dennis Cozzalio has been engaged in discussion with That Little Round-Headed Boy at his site, while TLRHB has been sharing his dreams for this Sunday.

Nathaniel R has several Oscar related topics at his Film Experience, while at Edward Copeland on Film, Eddie and Josh have posted their Oscar predictions, while the Odienator discusses great performances that weren't even nominated, and nominees who should have had better performances recognized.

I won't know for certain that I will be watching the show until Monday morning, when the Oscars are to be broadcast here in Thailand. Too be on the safe side, I will be stocking up on breakfast foods this weekend.

Posted by peter at February 23, 2007 12:02 AM


Thanks for the link.

I certainly hope it creates some fun reading. Honestly, what I hope the most is that a couple of people will talk me into watching movies that the movie snob in me keeps resisting. Your Blood Sucking Freaks link led me to the Films considered the worst ever, which depressed me. Unlike most people, I was depressed by how few of them I'd bothered to give a chance, especially since I have vaguely warm feelings for about half the ones I have seen.

Posted by: Neil at February 23, 2007 01:19 AM