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October 25, 2007

Contact Ponette

ponette 1.jpg

Jacques Doillon - 1996
Fox Lorber Region 1 DVD

contact 1.jpg

Robert Zemeckis -1997
Warner Brothers Region 1 DVD

A little bit of film humor that has stayed with me involves the title of a non-existent fim book titled Double Meanings in Double Features. There are some films that seem to echo each other, sometimes unintentionally. I have long thought that Ponette and Contact share some remarkable similarities. I once wrote a short note to Roger Ebert about this after reading an article he wrote about other films that seem to have unconsciously share several narrative elements. I got a rather snide response from the thumbmaster. But consider this, both Ponette and Contact are about solitary young women who feel some responsibility for the death of a parent, and in spite of the urgings of others, attempt to contact the dead parent. There are also scenes of these lonely characters staring into space. Both films are essentially about an individual's sense of faith and the proof of that faith. My own faith is that by sharing some of the images below, others might see the similarities I see between these two films.

ponette 2.jpg
contact 2.jpg
The awkward kissing scene.

ponette 4.jpg
contact 4.jpg
The reunion with the dead parent.

ponette 5.jpg
contact 5.jpg
Proof that contact was made with the dead parent.

Posted by Peter Nellhaus at October 25, 2007 12:19 AM