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April 15, 2010


It's that time again for another quiz originally posted at Sergio Leone & The Infield Fly Rule. My posting my answers here is for the amusement of any readers who like smart aleck remarks in between a couple of relatively serious answers. All I can do is hope that Professor Fate grades on a curve.

1) William Demarest or Broderick Crawford?

Demarest wins because of his association with Preston Sturges, plus he provided the voice of Wally Walrus.

2) What movies improve when seen in a state of altered consciousness? (Patrick Robbins)

Dr. Zhivago moved along quite nicely while I was sipping rum and coke in the theater.

3) Favorite studio or production company logo?

toei logo.jpg

The waves on the rocky beach of Toei.

4) Celeste Holm or Joan Blondell?

As much as I like Ms. Holm when she's working with Joe Mankiewicz, I always enjoy Blondell in any Warner Brothers film she's in.

5) What is the most overrated "classic" film? (Tony Dayoub)

I have never been able to watch William Wyler's Ben-Hur from beginning to end.

6) What movie do you know for sure you saw, but have no memory of seeing? (Patricia Yokoe Cozzalio)

I can never remember which Ozu films I saw with the seasonal titles.

7) Favorite Hammer Film?

brides of dracula poster.jpg

Brides of Dracula.

8) Gregory Itzin or Joe Pantoliano?

Joey Pants, for "The Sopranos", Momento, and his work with the Wachowskis.

9) Create a double feature with two different movies with the same title. No remakes. (Peter Nellhaus)

At the drive-in: The Mask, by Julian Roffman and Chuck Russell.

At the art house: Woman on the Beach, by Jean Renoir and Hong Sang-soo

10) Akiko Wakabayashi or Mie Hama? (Ray Young)

Did you know that when these two were Toho starlets, they appeared in seven films together? I wonder if there was a bond between them aside from You Only Live Twice. They are also in Key of Keys, the spy thriller that Woody Allen dubbed as What's Up, Tiger Lily?. And Allen, as you know later played Jimmy Bond. I would like to see them with Toshiro Mifune in Samurai Pirate only because that title is so cool. Mie Hama plays Princess Yaya which seems very appropriate, and in King Kong Escapes plays Madame Piranha. And though Ms. Wakabayashi is quite cute, Mie Hama was good enough to be in a couple of late films by Mikio Naruse, so it's Hama time.

11) Can you think of a (non-porn) movie that informed you of the existence of a sexual act you had not known of prior? (Bob Westal)

No. But Mountain of the Cannibal God showed me more than I will ever want to see regarding, shall we say, animal husbandry.

12) Can you think of a black & white movie that might actually improve if it was in color? (Patrick Robbins)

Walsh's The Big Trail.

13) Favorite Pedro Almodovar Film?

Talk to Her.

14) Kurt Raab or Udo Kier?

Raab, because of the Fassbinder films. Can you read the title, Die Niklashauser Fart and not laugh even a little?

15) Worst main title song (Peter Nellhaus)

I was going to nominated the song from Sea Wife. However that song is titled, "I'll Find You". Bobby Troup's song for Allan Dwan's The River's Edge is pretty dopey.

16) Last movie you saw in a theater? On DVD, Blu-ray or other interesting location/format?

In a theater, Flowing by Mikio Naruse. On DVD, The Young Land starring the young Dennis Hopper.

17) Favorite movie reference within a Woody Allen movie? (Larry Aydlette)

The chess game in Love and Death.

18) Mary Astor or Claudette Colbert?

To answer a previous question, I know I saw them both in Midnight, but I can't remember anything about that film. I have to go with Colbert in part based on the number of films she was in, although I have one film from each in my DVD collection. One's about a bus ride, and the other is about a bird.

19) Favorite trailer (provide YouTube link if possible)?

Even in Japan, they shoot westerns.

20) Oddest double bill you either saw or saw listed in a theater

Richard Lester's Help! and Burt Kennedy's The Rounders might be one of the odder pairings, though I like them both.

21) Favoite Phil Karlson film?

hell to eternity 4.jpg

Hell to Eternity.

22) Favorite “social problem” picture?

Several films by Sam Fuller come to mind, but I'll go with The Naked Kiss.

23) Your favourite Harryhausen film/monster? (Ali Arikan)

Sword fighting skeletons rule! Jason and the Argonauts.

24) What was the first movie you saw with your significant other? (Patrick Robbins)

There is no S.O. in my life at this time, and I will leave it at that.

25) John Payne or Ronald Reagan?

I prefer Tennessee to Tennessee's partner. (Payne).

26) Movie you feel a certain pressure or obligation to see that you have not yet actually seen

The Blind Side.

27) Favorite “psychedelic” movie (Hey, man, like, define it however you want, man…)

Barbet Schroeder's More. Pink Floyd and Mimsy Farmer!

28) Thelma Ritter or Eve Arden?

It's all about Eve.

29) Favorite iconic shot or image from a film?


Another obvious choice - John Wayne in the doorway in The Searchers.

30) What is the movie that inspired the most memorable argument you ever had about a movie?

College, way back when: I was arguing with friend of a sort of girlfriend regarding Citizen Kane, which we had just seen on TV. He was saying he couldn't "get into it". The young lady tried to stop the argument by saying, "It's only a movie". I stopped seeing her after that.

31) Raquel Torres or Lupe Velez?

The artist formerly known as Margarita Carmen Cansino.

32) Favorite adaptation of Shakespeare to a film?

Throne of Blood. All those arrows.

33) Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (in 3D)-- yes or no?


34) Favorite movie rating?


I miss the old "M" rating, and the kinds of film that were covered then that are now rated "R" by those prudes at the MPAA.

35) Olivia Barash or Joyce Hyser?

Why should I care when there Yu Aoi?

36) What was the movie that convinced you your favorite movie genre was your favorite movie genre?

I'm not sure if I have one favorite genre, but seeing The Big Combo back around 1971 might have been the film to help cement my love of classic film noir.

37) Favorite Blake Edwards movie?

It's been years since I've seen anything by him, but the one I'd most want to revisit is Gunn.

Posted by Peter Nellhaus at April 15, 2010 12:33 AM


I love your number 29.
Soon i got some time, i'll make a french traduction of this quizz.

Posted by: Vincent at April 20, 2010 05:27 AM