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November 17, 2011

Starz Denver Film Festival 2011 - Fade out

I got a little digital camera. I'm still learning how to use it. As this is the last festival to take place primarily at the Starz Film Center, I wanted one shot of the exterior. Also, there are some shots of some of the people who help make the festival possible.

starz theater.jpg
Originally the AMC Tivoli 12 when it opened in 1983, the multiplex meant the return of theatrical films showing in downtown Denver. The Denver Film Society took over the theater in 2002, over a year after AMC stopped operations. The final screenings at this theater took place on November 13.

I've called the festival's head of public relations, Tammy Brister, my BFF (Best Festival Friend). Not only does she see to accreditation, but she's even made sure I was able to see certain films theatrically. Also, as liaison between filmmakers and media, she's one of the hardest working person during the festival.

Jenny Bloom is second-in-command for PR, and graciously deals with my requests for screeners.

tom bothelo.jpg
Tom Botelho is the Executive Director of the Denver Film Society. He's also a pretty nice guy.

wisit and federico.jpg
The lobby of the new Denver Film Center. As much as I like classic images from Tears of the Black Tiger and La Dolce Vita on the walls, I'd love it even more if they get those two films back on the film center's screens.

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