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August 29, 2013

Schoolgirl Report Volume 10: Every Girl Starts Sometime

schoolgirls report 10 a.jpg

Schulmadchen-Report 10. Teil - Irgendwann fangt jede an / Sexy Schoolwork / Smartie Pants
Walter Boos - 1976
Impulse Pictures All Regions DVD

In the truth is stranger than fiction department was recent news about a Chinese man who convinced a woman that her vagina was haunted. Of course this man had the tool to get rid of those ghosts. In the one vignette that is dumb but sort of funny, a couple take their cues from The Exorcist. Sefie just can't find a way to be alone with her boyfriend. He comes up with the idea that she pretend to be possessed. He poses as the friendly, visiting exorcist. Alexandra Bogojevic gives it her all, contorting her face, flashing her panties and breasts, among other body parts. Miss Bogojevic was game enough to previously appear in Salon Kitty and the humorously titled, Has Anybody Seen My Pants?. Not surprisingly, she actually had a substantial acting career with a different name. If anyone involved in the making of this film had read about that Chinese guy, they could well be thinking that nothing in the Schoolgirl series was ever that ridiculous.

The various stories are held together by a classroom discussion about "legislation and morals". And while I know that the whole point of this enterprise is to make money by showing young women in various states of undress, with a pious pronouncement at the end of encouraging said women to make their mark in the future, the setup begs for a different movie. We have a group of baby boomers, the first generation of German born after World War II, and they aren't talking about what really should have been on the table if you are going to talk about the thornier questions regarding legislation and morality.

schoolgirls report 10 b.jpg

I looked at the older actors and wondered how many of them were Nazis, and how many would admit their support of Hitler. One character, the father of one of the students, describes his bad leg as "a gift from Adolf", so it's not like the subject is entirely avoided. I guess the film I'm looking for is the Schoolgirl Report by R. W. Fassbinder or Michael Verhoeven.

It is telling that three of the stories are about the schoolgirls involved with men old enough to be their fathers. Not that I'm going to begrudge any guy who's able to score with a young hottie, but middle aged guys were probably the target audience for these movies, and they weren't looking to be reminded of what they were doing thirty or so years ago.

OK, I'll back off. Anyways, while the goof on The Exorcist will elicit a few chuckles, some might gasp in horror at the sight of a young woman with unshaven underarms. I can imagine a bunch of guys getting together with at least one six-pack for each of them, watching this film, and commenting on the grooming of these girls. One scene invites this kind of discussion as one of the girls, shall we say, picks at her carpet as a prelude to a personal moment of ecstasy.

Anyways, enjoy the specially chosen screencaps. You're welcome.

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Posted by Peter Nellhaus at August 29, 2013 06:19 AM