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March 06, 2014

Soft Spoken Germans / Hard Silent Yanks

schoolgirl report 12 a.jpg

Schoolgirl Report Volume 12: If Mom only Knew / Schulmadchen-Report 12. Teil - Wenn das die Mammi wusste / Carnal Campus
Walter Boos - 1978
Impulse Pictures Region 1 DVD

peep show v 1 a.jpg

42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection, Volume 1
Impulse Pictures Region 0 DVD

Well if my Mom only knew I was writing about vintage erotic movies, she would probably say something to the effect that I should be writing about more high-minded cinema, and then laugh about it with her friends. Of course I could remind her that she got me out of high school to attend the advanced critics' screening of Midnight Cowboy, and it was a slippery slope from that point on.

As it stands, with this second to last entry, the Schoolgirl Report series was running out of steam, and the competition from the more graphic films was taking its toll. There's a lot more nudity and simulated sex going on here. The framing device is a group of high school students reading letters detailing the sexual misadventures of several female students. You might wonder that if one of the stories is about a young woman who fulfills her sexual fantasies about her older brother, how much worse were the rejected ideas?

schoolgirl report 12 b.jpg

Even the print used for the DVD is on the tatty side. This is surprising considering the good quality of the prints from the earlier films. On the other hand, some might argue that the various bits of dirt, and obvious splices, helps recreate the effect of having watched this movie in a run down grind house.

There are a few chuckles to be had in the episode about a visit to the doctor's office where the young patient is actually getting a check up from a plumber in disguise. Also there's the story about a French exchange student who turns out to be a boy named Niki, dedicated to his physical training and oath of abstinence, much to the frustration of his hostess.

schoolgirl report 12 c.jpg

For those who want to immediately dive into the action, The Peepshow Collection makes no pretense about what it offers. A collection of fifteen silent short films, shown in booths at adult arcades or in private shows, there is nothing simulated here. Even though the films are silent, there is the clackety clack sound of a movie projector on the soundtrack.

More interesting than seeing close ups of penetration and genitalia are the "actors" themselves. No artificial additives here. Bodies are less than perfect, breasts sag, and the only thing waxed might be the floor. If you saw most of these people on the street, you probably wouldn't give them a second thought. There are some notes regarding some of the performers by Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer, most notably Annie Sprinkle and John Holmes, but I wish there was more detailed information on who was in front of the camera and when the films were made, even if those behind the camera chose to remain anonymous. The high point might be the short with the young couple who get it on while having breakfast, with the woman adding extra spice, courtesy of her boyfriend, to her fried egg. The grubbiness can not be denied, the sex is sticky and messy, and still the impression is that some of these groups and couples look like they are actually having fun.

peep show v 1 b.jpg

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