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May 14, 2014

Countess Dracula revisited

countess dracula synapse.jpg

Peter Sasdy - 1971
Synapse Films BD Region A / Region 1 DVD Combo Pack

Most of what I have to say about Countess Dracula was covered about four years ago. The screen cap about is from the new DVD, but the way to go is to see this film on Blu-ray. Most striking is the use of shimmering reflective light in several scenes. Still the sexiest of Hammer films, with the cleavage generously spilling out. There's, of course, Ingrid Pitt, as well as big breasted gypsies, bar maids and chambermaids, and the future second Mrs. William Friedkin, Leslie-Anne Down. The brief biographical supplement about Miss Pitt is worth watching, especially for the glimpses of an early film, The Sound of Horror (and nobody's kidding about that title, either). In any case, this film is my idea of what a PG rated movie is suppose to look like.

Posted by peter at May 14, 2014 07:35 AM