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December 04, 2014

Sweet & Perverse Milly

milly 1.jpg

Dolce e perversa
Christopher Clark - 1990
One 7 Movies Region 0 DVD

Usually I don't bother with hardcore porn, but I made an exception here. The bait was that this film was supervised by Gerard Damiano. For anyone not familiar with the name, Damiano was most famous for making Deep Throat, probably the most famous pornographic movie ever made. I had also seen his Devil in Miss Jones, his 1973 follow-up which attempted to up the ante with a mix of lesbian and straight sex, plus an ending inspired by Sartre's No Exit. Tried as I might, I was hoping to find some kind of information on the making of this film to find out what Damiano did here, as well as getting a better list of the cast. The version here also has truncated credits at the beginning, so I have no way of knowing which screenwriter was responsible for the poetic line, "C'mon, jizz on my ass".

Unlike the porn movies from the Seventies, there's no attempt at creating anything resembling a plot. Essentially it is about Italian porn star Milly D'Abbraccio coming to America, and coming in America, supposedly in search of guys with big penises. We first see Milly getting clean, taking a shower, showing off her abundant breasts and generously rounded ass. After that, Milly gets really dirty as it were. And there are several scenes with her having sex, including a threesome, with the kind of close-ups of coupling that make me wonder: how did they place the camera there, and wasn't it extremely awkward for the cameraman?

milly 2.jpg

What makes this film odd is that it seems as if another movie was intended, as in order to get a feature length film, there are scenes that have nothing to do with Milly's American journey. Did the producer run out of money? Did Milly's visa expire, forcing her to return home? Did someone decide that there is only so much you can do with footage of Milly sucking, fucking, and being on the receiving end of some very dedicated cunnilingus? The film cuts to a scene in a strip club, the kind of place where calling it a dive makes it sound classy. A "gentleman's club" this is not. There is also a scene in some other club where there is an on-stage orgy. Is this a performance piece? Hard to tell. Some of the guys seem more interested in their drinks than in the male-female and female-female connections that are seen here, in a variety of combinations and contortions.

What is interesting is that, unusual for a film aimed at an audience of straight males, is a scene of two transexuals getting it on. The two here are quite passable. The way they are filmed makes their sexual identity elusive, especially in the beginning. Unlike the scenes with Milly with the long, uncut, close-ups of Milly's oft-used vagina and the several dicks that find their way into her orifices, the scene with the transsexuals is filmed with enough distance to make the viewer question what is going on in that bed, the kind of question that is answered best with the finger on the freeze frame button. Admittedly, this kind of scene might not appeal to everyone, but as far as I'm concerned, this is what sweet and perverse is all about.

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Posted by Peter Nellhaus at December 4, 2014 06:56 AM